Family and Ancestral Healing Workshops and Birth Imprints

In my online group workshops, we will slow down and support another person in a personal challenge. I refer to that enquiring person as the ‘turn’ person. As we slow down we will feel into their family and ancestral system. Working through that lens gives everyone in the group an opportunity to see and feel common threads into disruptions that may lie in their own system, thereby offering an opening for insight and healing. Everybody in the group benefits from the ‘turn’ person’s work.​

In this work, we take what is known as a phenomenological approach. The phenomenon we work with was discovered by the Zulus and allows us to work in an energetic way with our family, ancestors, and birth field. We help bring resolution to unresolved trauma, bring peace and empathy to misunderstandings that live between family members that are passed and living, and provide opportunities to build new neural pathways.​

Below is an excellent video by another facilitator, Emily Waymore that describes the work and what a workshop looks like. In this video, Emily shows videos of Bert Hellinger at work. Bert Hellinger was the developer of Family Systems Constellation work.​

Just let me know if you have a personal challenge that you would like to work through. I will arrange a group and we will set up a time to meet on Zoom or in person. It’s really easy!

Next workshop

On Wed, April 20, 2022, I will be offering an online group workshop where we will be exploring the topic of resilience and where we might have fallen out of resonance with our caregivers, community, or the larger world.

This is an experiential workshop where individuals will look at their family dynamics with the support of the group. Each participant is free to choose if they want to actively participate or watch and listen. Everyone plays an equal role in supporting, no matter how they choose to participate and everyone receives healing due to the nature of our energetic connections to each other..

Theme: Reconnecting the dots to resilience

Date: April 20, 2022
Time: 7 PM MST
Cost: 35 CDN. dollars
Place: Zoom

Book your space here or email me at I also work with individuals in 1-1 sessions for those that would like to be in a more intimate setting.
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