Something happens in our brain when an experience is too overwhelming to comprehend or if it threatens our safety.  There is an expression that says trauma survivors live in trauma time.  That means that the person?s brain can?t differentiate a previous experience from the present moment and overlays the traumatic event into current time.  This kind of response comes from a deep and primal instinct to survive.  These memories can be triggered by all sorts of things.  The sense of smell from the olfactory system can be one of the quickest paths to ?remembering?.  It might be a fragrance or scent in the room that signals a threat, it could be a barking dog or a loud motorcycle.  An unintended threatening look on someone?s face because their jaw is tight or their eyes are intense might elicit a sudden response of terror in the other person.  It might be the colour or texture of someone's shirt or a piece of furniture  that will make a person react in a way that doesn?t match the circumstances in the room.  

The good news is that these feelings that arise from our nervous systems don?t have to be a life sentence. We can build new neural pathways.

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