?How is it to sit in a room with others?  Does something arise for you?  Do you enjoy the interaction, do you want to bolt from the room, do you go home and need recovery time?  There is no right or wrong answer, it can just be helpful to know what drives our style of connection and how we can make it work for ourselves.

If our parents were burdened with too many things to do or came into the world themselves carrying stress from their own parents, then social engagements and personal connections can be challenging for us.  A baby and young child feels an unconscious need to take care of their parents as the young one developed in the womb and into the first seven years of life.  This comes out of an instinct for survival.  The child gives to the parent from their own energy source and  ultimately compromises their own nervous system which is then challenged as they grow into older children and into adulthood.  

It becomes difficult to feel the needs of others, other people?s passions and worries and desire for support, which makes it hard for connection.  The person may be brisk or insensitive, or not have good boundaries so others are always feeling run over by them. These are only a few examples of how this early childhood dynamic can affect the life of an unsuspecting adult.  

If we are to look at these types of issues through the lens of family and ancestral healing we might find that the person is being loyal to another family member that is either living or ancestral.  Unresolved issues in our family history tend to repeat themselves and we will feel that same kind of obligation to them as the baby feels for the well- being of their parents.  It can show up in things such as someone is loyal to a career that keeps them so busy they don?t have time to connect with their family or even have friends, they might stay in an abusive marriage, suffer from various types of addictions. 

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